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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interesting news. The New York Power Authority, with its usual dose of wacked-out, mafia-like, New York favoritism, has offered to give Yahoo, Inc. reduced power rates if it will build a data center in Western New York State.

This deal would bring a whopping 125 jobs to Upstate NY. Whooooppeee! That should offset the 25,000 jobs we've lost!

I scratch my head and marvel at our state. Why the heck won't they just lower rates, lower taxes, reduce regulation?! New York residents are taxed to the GILLS-- on everything from Cyber Monday Internet purchases (which is unconstitutional) to taxes upon taxes! It's insanity! It's so maddening!

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Dorothy said...

Amen they are such ARses.....If my daughter and grandchildren ever leave this state I'm right behind them.

Great post and Patterson he's an idiot..

Dorothy from grammology

3:36 PM  
deerjohn said...

And our legislature! Our senators decided not to do anything for a month and no one noticed except the (ho-hum) news media. Why do we put up with it?

11:15 AM  

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