Stars of Fame at Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY

Monday, May 04, 2009

We visited the Upstate New York city of Syracise, NY, a few weeks ago. Parking was very sparse (and it didn't help that there was a ton of road construction downtown), so we parked our car several blocks from our destination, and walked around the downtown Syracuse a little. It has been years since I did that! Last time I was here, it was as a youth attending a youth rally. And before then, as a junior high school student on a field trip. Walking around this area sure brough back memories.

Landmark Theatre Exterior

Landmark Tix Box

Landmark Office Entrance

One place we walked past (that I had seen on that fieldtrip) was the Landmark Theatre. In the field trip, my class has toured the architectural beauty, learning of its art and history and importance to the area. Unfortunately, the Theatre was closed on the day I visited with my kids. But we got to explore the area surrounding area. And I spotted something I hadn't seen before (because it wasn't there back in the 80s): some cool "stars of Fame" outside the theatre! I submit them now for posterity. ;)

The name is difficult to make out on this one-- it's Joanna Cassidy, wife of the late Paul Newman. I wonder what she was doing at the Landmark? Was she in a play here?

Cassidy Star

Dick Clark was here. He got his start in entertainment in Utica, NY, nearer to where I live.

Clark Star

This made me chuckle: L. Frank Baum! He's still alive?! For some reason, I thought he was of an earlier genre. What was he doing here in Syracuse, I wonder?

L Frank Baum Star

Oh LOOK! Mrs. Mecomber was here!!! Everyone knows her, she's VERY famous! She hawks stuff like baby announcements, doesn't she?! lol

Mecomber Star

Here are more:

Serling Star

Coogan Star

MacRae Star

Jones Star

Langella Star

Costas Star

So although we didn't get to go into the theatre, it was still nice to walk around and enjoy the sights. And I don't know if anyone has any online library of those Stars of Fame... but there's one, now!

Thanks for visiting. :)

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EastCoastLife said...

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! :)

11:58 AM  
Dorothy said...

Just wonderful photos and nostalgia.

Dorothy from grammology

7:49 PM  

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