They Hate Me... Cuz I'm in NY

Monday, November 02, 2009

As if it isn't hard enough to live in New York State... taxed to the GILLS on everything, even on things we don't buy, use, transact, transport, or receive....

Yes, I'm MAD! I'm FURIOUS!

I'm being dumped by my affiliate sponsors. Because I live in New York State!

Hello Rebecca. I hope you are doing well. I regretfully have to inform you that you are being expired from the [XYZ] affiliate program, due to the New York affiliate Tax law. This will take place shortly. Thank you for promoting [XYZ]. We do hope to work with you in the future. If you need anything from me or would like to discuss, please contact me at your convenience.


I wondered what affiliate tax law this was. I did a little research, and it's a "new" law passed in June, looks like. It's thoroughly unconstitutional, actually. I as an affiliate do NOT qualify as a physical presence for any store! This is not about SALES this is about MARKETING-- ADVERTISING! I am an advertiser for a store. This in no way qualifies me as a "physical presence" for a store, online retailer or not! It's CRAZY!

Think of it-- if this went this way-- that retailers would be taxed with sales tax on purchases made through third-party advertisers/marketers, ANY advertiser could be considered to be a "physical presence" for said store. So if Joe Advertising made mention of deals at Mary's Ceramic Tiles Store, Mary would be taxed EXTRA (NY tax) for sales made just because Joe directed consumers to her store. It's so stupid! Merchants are firing affiliate and sales teams (like me) because of this. Oh thanks a LOT, New York State! You're just getting richer and richer by me losing more business. Idiots!

There's a good post with video by Affiliate Summit blog here.

Last I heard, Amazon was suing New York State. That was early this year. I have heard nothing since, have you?

I hate New York State. We have the most corrupt, money-hungry, destructive men in government in the nation here. GAHHHH!!! :(

P.S. Hey I have an idea-- my web hosting for my affiliate blogs are actually based in California, not New York State! I could technically claim that my business is run out of California! I just LIVE in New York State! How's them apples? :D

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threecollie said...

What a sickening outrage!!!!Like charging small businesses for collecting sales tax, working for the state and paying for the privilege.

11:47 AM  
Lynne said...

This really sucks! Surely the new law will be challenged! If not, I bet other states are waiting in the wings to jump on the bandwagon and we'll all be affected.

8:53 PM  
Eric said...

It's time to clean house in Albany. I live in the south and many New Yorkers have been moving here to get away from the high taxes and intrusive government in NY state and NYC. The only bad thing is that they continue to vote the same way they did in NY and have been politically moving us in that direction. If you leave a state because of high taxes and big government, don't vote for high taxes and big government in your new state or it will eventually be like the state you left.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Is there anything left in this state that isn't taxed? Maybe we should try South Dakota. I hear they don't have any income tax.

10:23 AM  
RMAC said...

North Carolina passed the same law to collect online taxes from click thru marketing affiliates from Amazon. NC never misses a chance to be a me too state and jump on any new taxing band wagon they can copy nationwide. Our brand new Gov. Perdue has like a 37% approval rating - mostly for her many tax changes and increases this year. Last I heard Amazon kicked out all their NC Affiliates also.

10:32 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

threecollie-- yeah, exactly! But you know ALL about how crappy NYS government is...

Lynne and RMAC-- I don't see how these laws can have ANY legal basis. The Constitution speaks of Interstate Commerce... this is NOT interstate commerce, it's ADVERTISING!

Eric-- I have heard about that. Sorry! Rest assured, I would DEFINITELY vote for liberty and freedom (which of course means, fewer taxes!) if I could afford to move out of this stupid state... I am sometimes very ashamed to be called a New Yorker.

akaGaGa-- I don't think there is. Anything left untaxed.

10:46 AM  
The Hawg! said...

Well, California might be a worse choice. Move somewhere like Texas where people generally hate government, state or otherwise...

5:10 PM  

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