Peak Peeping Practically Passed

Friday, October 22, 2010

If you're eager to get a few more peeks of the glorious Upstate New York fall foliage, this is probably your last week to do it. This is the map of the Fall Report at I Love NY:

From the website:

In the Capital-Saratoga region, Saratoga County foliage reporters are predicting 100 percent leaf change and mostly past peak conditions for the upcoming weekend with the exception of the valley areas, where you will find some peak leaves of red, orange, yellow and rust.

Most all of the Central New York region is now past peak, but you’ll still find some beautiful shades of yellow and gold on the hillsides flanking the valley in Oneida and southern Herkimer counties.

In the Thousand Islands-Seaway region, look for near peak to peak color in the western and southern areas of Oswego County, with many of the leaves just starting to turn crimson, yellow and orange.

The Catskills region is just about all past peak, but you can still find some just past peak colors in the valley area of Green County. Look for bright shades of yellow, orange and red.

Looks like the Adirondacks are nearly over. Here in Central New York, the trees have changed over, but leaves are disappearing rapidly. We had some seriously blustery days last week that blew off a lot of foliage. You should see my yard. :-p

Fall is exquisite, and you can't blame New Yorkers for reveling in it. FINALLY we can switch off the summer's dehumidifier, turn off the A/C, and breathe fresh, clear, crispy air again. The smell of fresh leaves is heavenly. And fall's cooler temps put a little energy in our step again, as it must or we would quickly be buried under massive mounds of leaves every year....

I intend to take a nice drive either this weekend or next, before Central New York's autumnal brilliance fades for another year. I'll have photos when I come back! :D

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