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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The basement flooded this morning. About 4 inches. It hasn't rained in a few days, so I'm baffled as to the exact causes of the water. We used to have such severe flooding. The worst was periods where we'd get up to 3 feet in 2005 and 2006.

We've installed French drains, drywell, TWO sump pumps, funneling excess water into the stormwater basin, etc etc. There's just a lot of water here, and a lot of it likes to pool into my basement.

Basment Sump Flooding Aug 2008

We've had frogs, salamanders, and mosquitoes down there. A veritable swamp, full of muck and sediment, too. Why take tonalin cla when you can shovel underground water sediment for a living?? :-p

So the town highway department was here today, slurping up the water in a nearby stormwater basin between the neighbor and I. For some really odd reason, the town installed an underground pipeline drain system about 150 feet north of us, and about 150 feet south of us, but totally skipped the 200 feet between us. So us folks in that 200 feet stretch of border have incredible water problems. It's just crazy. I wish the town would fix it, totally and finally.


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blueyes said...

eh, might as well fill the dang thing if you can't use it like it was intended lol I mean that's wasted space.

2:27 PM  
Renee said...

Last night it rained very hard. I was still up at almost 1 am, and it was raining so hard and fierce, I thought we would have a tornado. If it rained like that at your house, that could be where the water came from. We had water in our garage, which only happens with heavy sideways rains. I hope it dries up for you quickly!

3:29 PM  

blueyes, if we filled it, the water just might surpass the fill and creep up into the house! :S

Renee--- it rained last night?!? Oh my word, I didn't even realize that! LOL, I guess I was tired. No wonder the ground was soggy this morning. But then again, it's always soggy here. ;)

6:46 PM  

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