Good Heavens, It's Been Rainy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Twitter friend from Ohio quoted her weatherman when he stated that of 135 days of 2011, 90 of them have been either rainy or snowy.


That's a LOTTA precipitation.

Upstate New York has been plagued with much too much rain for about a decade now. Oh how I reminisce about the 1990s, when everyone proclaimed "drought conditions"! That is, we hadn't experienced rain for a few weeks.

My my my. I'm tired of rain. It's been nothing but rain for most of my adult life. I'd like a little dry spell now and then. Rainy spells are best experienced in well-spaced increments, not deluges.

And I needn't worry about my gardens, either-- our sump pump chugs out thousands of gallons of underground water per day, all day and all night. We can rig the pipes up to irrigate the garden should the rain ever stop. IF IT EVER STOPS. So no worries about my tender young plants-- we've got them covered if need be.

How about you? Been rainy for you? Starting to wonder about Noah's ark?

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Mike Golch said...

It's time for the sun to come out and play!!

2:24 PM  
Clint said...

Four years ago in north Texas, we had a spell of 18 months of pure drought. A drought like that affects your mind in a bad way. We had water restrictions. There was a $500 fine if you violated the restrictions.

I swore I would never again complain about rain. And, I haven't. But I do sympathize with you about the rains of biblical proportions.

God bless.

3:04 PM  

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