Goodbye, June

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June is such a glorious month in Upstate New York. I think it is probably the BEST month of the year, except for December, which is my favorite month.

Secret Garden Update 2

Except for a few crazy-super-humid days, this month was so wonderful. Today, the weather is glorious. It's mostly sunny, breezy, and cool at 65 degrees. My favorite weather in the world. Just enough sun to make things bright and beautiful, but a few clouds make sure the sun doesn't overpower us Northerners and our succulent plants. :) And the breeze makes it very cool. It's just lovely. It's also the month when the peonies and roses bloom. How I hate to see their lovely blossoms fade.


Oh, I love roses-- the old-fashioned roses, that is. They are just so... romantic. I am on a rose binge currently. I'm looking for rose-scented soaps. I have a rose on my iPad home screen, rose wallpaper on my laptop desktop screen, and I'm looking for a rose-themed iphone case, too. Roses are SO wonderful. I just hate to see them go. They don't last long enough.

Oh well, July is converging. While July and August are not my favorite months, at least this is when the perennials go beserk, bursting forth into the most brilliant blossoms ever. I'll start the gardening again, soon. Yay!

Enjoy your summer!

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Clint said...

I like June very much, as well....but this brings up the prospect of a great blog topic---which month is the best?

1:39 PM  
Anonymous said...

I'm quite fond of June, too; but I shall try to enjoy July and August! --vanilla

5:00 PM  

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