Oh. It's About Drunk Driving.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

There's a new billboard campaign running round in Central New York. Large, black billboards with red lettering:

You Can't Afford Me

When I first saw it, I thought perhaps it referred to our very, very, very expensive politicians. Mr. Anthony Weiner (yeah, THAT Weiner) is getting a million $$$ pension, did you know that? I thought the billboard was referring to stuff like that. New York does take exceptional care of the politicians, I tell you what.

But I found out the billboard is about drunk driving. DWI. Oh.

The new angle for this new campaign about DWI is to scare people with the cost of DWI punishment. The campaign threatens drunkards that the amount of money you wind up spending for a DWI defense is compared to such things as:

    Up to $10,000
    A swimming pool
    A new motorcycle
    A semester at college (wow, $10K for that?)

Might I also add that it also costs you 1/20+ of an average New York politicians' annual salary. Not including pensions and perks.

You're right, guys. We just can't afford it. Or you. :-p

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Clint said...

How can we citizens even look at ourselves in the mirror, knowing we tolerate such excessive rewards,even for corrupt politicians (which I realize is a redundant phrase).

1:44 PM  

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