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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Like cats? Catskill, NY, rules!!

We visited the small town this summer and spotted dozens of colorful, resin cats perched next to parking meters up and down Main Street. I did a little digging, and found out that these cats are part of an artistic fundraising, community revitalization project that's been happening for years.

I wrote more in depth about the cats on my formal travel blog, The Quirky Main Street Cats of Catskill, NY.


I found a video by Animal Planet (below) when researching the Catskill Cats. It tells a lot about the start of the event, and has a cute scene where the town elects a cat as mayor for one day.

FYI: Contrary to the Animal Planet video, Catskill is NOT "located smack in the middle of Upstate New York." :-p I think the guy who wrote this video needs a little geography lesson-- there's a whole bunch of us to the north, mister. Catskill is the upper part of DOWNSTATE New York. Utica, New York, is "smack in the middle" of Upstate. Anyway, despite the geography gaff, the video is cute. It appears to be dated by a few years. Apparently the Cat-n-Around Catskill program has been around for a number of years-- since 2007!

Cats rule!!

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paseo said...

I wish I was there !
Vitom from Poland,Warsaw
"Even the smallest cat is a nature miracle"
Leonardo da Vinci

5:26 AM  

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