Adirondack Coyotes *shudder*

Saturday, September 24, 2011

We spent a wonderful week in the Adirondacks and are trying to adapt back into suburbia again. *sigh*


We'd rented a cabin and it was wonderful! I was initially going to pitch a tent, but the husband was concerned about rain (we've had a LOT of rain this year) and wanted a cabin. I'm so glad we did that. I would have FREAKED in a tent because for two nights we had coyotes wandering around the place. I have heard coyotes before, but I think the coyotes I heard were the mild, quiet, meek little suburbia coyotes. Because I have NEVER before heard the hair-raising sounds that these Adirondack coyotes made.

You know the sounds produced when you rub two large blocks of Styrofoam together? And when you rake a metal tine over a thick piece of heavy nylon fabric that windbreakers are made from? Amplify those two sounds by 50 and multiply them by 100 and that's what the coyotes sounded like.

I found a video that does an "OK" job of recording the crazy sounds. The video depicts the general idea but the coyotes we heard were much louder and there were more of them. Imagine waking up from a deep sleep at 3am to this, ugh!

I'm not afraid of critters (except bats-- I HATE bats!!) but the sounds these animals made were more than "eerie." It was more like "grab-the-Bible-and-the-necklace-of-garlic" kind of creepy. The dogs were pretty close to the cabins, too.

No bears, though. Oh well. :-\

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Clint said...

Coyote over a mesquite campfire is scrumptious. I like 'em served up with fried potatoes and grits. It's a stick-to-yer-ribs kinda' meal. After they get the message that you find them delicious, you won't be bothered any more.

Bon apetit!

5:35 PM  
Mike said...

I've heard that sound of coyotes from the video, only more meaner sounding, somewhere around the general area. It really freaked me out too! :) But I bet the Adirondack ones are a lot meaner! :P (Once in the winter we saw one of the wild coyotes in our field about 200 yds from the house, and it was bigger than a standard full-size dog.) O_o

7:51 PM  

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