The Open Road: Route 28 Adirondacks

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I love Route 28. The views as it winds up into the Adirondack Mountains is exceptional. When we visited the Blue Mountain area two weeks ago, my daughter took a few videos of our drive south toward Raquette Lake.

It's a shame we didn't capture the mountains.... this video depicts us going south into the lower foothills, so the mighty mountains are behind us. However, I will be driving up to the high peak area sometime this month, and I hope to get a few nice videos of those.

The high peaks, in the northeastern section of the Adirondack Park are spectacular. Seriously. We drove from Blue Mountain to Ticonderoga at the Vermont border and the scenery was staggering.


Mist Pool 2

Talk about drop-your-jaw gorgeous scenery. I tell you, we are SOOOO tempted to get some property up here. The husband could perhaps look into some Kitchen Management Jobs and I'd be pleased as punch to work my online job from a cabin.


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