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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm a "freelance" writer, which means that even though I work for a few writing companies, I maintain a "self-contract" that allows me to choose my own writing assignments from a pre-made list and make a little money. Translated: the companies absolve all responsibility for my employment, but I must write within their confines... and pay a ton in Schedule C taxes. :-p

(Just so you know, my gripe is not with the blogging companies I do business with. Those guys rock).

So sometimes freelance writing really, really sucks. An I don't mean inground pool pump sucks, I mean STINKS.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a disgruntled employee-who's-a-non-employee right now. Even though I, as a "freelancer" am "allowed" to choose my own assignments, I can only choose what assignments are offered to me. Or, as in this past year with a certain company, NOT offered to me.

Online content is suffering these days. Everyone is blaming Google. Since I dislike Google, I blame Google, too. It is true that they want to rule the Internet roost and bash any hint of competition with their algorithmic mace. Some companies are buckling up and making attempts to change their strategy. Others are simply whimpering back into the corner, making harsher demands on their non-employees while rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking ship.

I cant say much more because I'm not allowed to give away "company secrets" ....even though I am technically not a part of the company....

So I'm applying to various other companies in the hopes that the Google will not follow me into that direction, too, and destroy another career so I can feed the family. *gripe gripe* I can't work out of the home, I'm physically limited. My only option is to keep plugging away on the Internet. I don't know if my writing career will persist. I'd hate to see it go but it sure is expensive being a non-employee paying such high income taxes. One guy, a former writer, recommended that writers ditch writing for these companies because after you finally get the measly pay and then shell out 17% to 30% of it to the IRS, you're basically a slave to both systems, the company and the IRS. It's better to get a job in the "real world" working minimum wage and yet making more money because you get to keep more of your income. Problem is, I don't have any choices for the "real world." And doesn't anyone find it hideously unjust that the IRS taxes self-employed people so heavily?

Yes, yes, I'm venting. I suppose I could always maintain a happy, shiny blog where nothing ever goes wrong in my life and where I am never discouraged or grouchy....

I can't deny the lousy situation I'm in right now. I can hope in God and expect Him to provide me a new way. He's never let me down. I did love writing, though-- in the beginning it was fun and fulfilling and lucrative. I admit that I dislike change so that's part of my gripe. I'll survive, with His help! It's getting through this dark valley that has me feeling a little low.

On the bright side, I've submitted my resume to several online tech magazines. I hope something comes through, even though I'll need to brush up on my tech skills again. Who knows, 2012 may be the best year yet! I'm definitely praying for that!

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vanilla said...

2012 best year yet. May it be so for you.


7:16 PM  
Mimi said...

It does suck, can't you write off certain expenses, such as keeping a home-office, against tax?
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7:56 PM  

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