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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This holiday, I have officially watched too many movies with actors speaking in British or Scottish accents. So far it's been The Water Horse, British History with Simon Schama, Downton Abbey, Lawrence of Arabia, and the final straw was How to Train Your Dragon, last night. I was talking with my son last night and I noticed a slight Scottish rogue to some of my words. :| Not that there is anything wrong with a Scottish rogue but I AM AN AMERICAN in America.

Still, I won't *always* be in America, so perhaps I'd better brush up on my accents, eh? After seeing the spectacular UK scenery, especially in The Water Horse, I am more determined that ever to visit my beloved British Isles someday. It must be soon, before I lose all my courage wresting past the TSA airport intrusion.

I have even daydreamed about where I will stay. A nice little cottage by a loch or a comfortable studio pad by Kensington Gardens. *sigh* I have NO IDEA how I'd find such places, though. Well, until now! I recently came across a family from London who routinely survey various European cities for safe, clean, affordable apartments and bed and breakfast establishments. Robert and Polly Arnold and their three children are from London. They run a small family business connecting travelers with accommodations and more. The Arnolds maintain an excellent site of London Apartments as well as worldwide accommodations that they have PERSONALLY looked into themselves. Wow! It's something like what I do on my other travel blog, but on a much larger scale.

Robert and Polly have lived in London all their lives, so they know that city like the back of their hand. With the 2012 Olympics coming to London, the Arnolds are preparing to help travelers locate the best London Apartments available. The website is indeed very nice- the Arnolds have innumerable listings that include photos, details, maps, and more. And of course, the Arnolds lend their knowledge of London to their visitors, recommending various venues and other helpful information.

This is an amazing service that Robert and Polly offer, I think. It's especially helpful for someone like me, who has no idea where to begin when planning a visit to a foreign city! I think I shall definitely look up Robert and Polly when my moment comes.

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