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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When I was a very little girl, I always wanted a nesting doll. I probably would have become bored with it after a day or so, as I was an energetic child. But they were so colorful and so delicate and so.... organized. I love organization. :)

I am thinking of nesting dolls right now because I viewed an exquisite display of them in a lovely photo over at Exposed Planet. This is a really neat website! I've been spending the better part of an hour going over the multitudes of incredible photos. I especially love the touching series of photos of modern Russia.

I was very impressed with the moody shots of Russian cathedrals. We'd visited the Russian Orthodox monastery in Jordanville, NY, a few moths ago, and the architecture is striking. Check out this photo and this photo and this photo. Gorgeous!

This is a good site to bookmark and visit from time to time!

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